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  • Some refer to personal injury protection (PIP) as no-fault. More
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  • Your guide to car insurance discounts

    See how car insurance discounts are calculated, what types of discounts are available, how big the discount typically is, and what you must do to qualify.

  • When to drop comp and collision

    Drivers of older cars have to make a judgment call: Can they afford to replace a car they no longer want to insure for comprehensive and collision?

  • Most, least expensive cities

    The same driver in the same car could pay hundreds of dollars less for car insurance by moving a few miles.

    Des Toups
    Managing Editor
  • Higher deductibles can save

    Many people can save $100 or more a year by raising their insurance deductibles -- but the tactic works only if you've got enough money to cover the risk.

  • The best cars for teen drivers

    Safe, reliable and cheap to run: Here are's top 14 used-car picks for teenage drivers for 2013.

    Des Toups
    Managing Editor



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