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Average car insurance rates by age 16 to 26


Car insurance for people under 25 years of age is typically quite high. Teens and young drivers are inexperienced behind the wheel and statistics show they, as a class in whole, are likely to be in an accident, which makes them a high risk to auto insurance providers. High risk equals high rates.

Males of this age typically pay a little more than their female counterparts because they are found to be more aggressive when operating a car, which can lead to more accidents. In general, if you are married your rates will be a little less than if you are single – if you and your spouse have good driving records. If one spouse has tickets and/or accidents on his or her record, then rates could instead rise.

We analyzed more than 260,000 rate quotes from over a two-year period to find these average rate amounts for men and women ages 16 to 26. It includes drivers both married and single.

Age Women Men All drivers
16 $3,689 $4,287 $4,075
17 $3,399 $3,682 $3,564
18 $3,003 $3,305 $3,165
19 $2,371 $2,627 $2,502
20 $2,260 $2,502 $2,381
21 $2,014 $2,239 $2,124
22 $1,897 $2,033 $1,964
23 $1,791 $1,857 $1,823
24 $1,713 $1,790 $1,749
25 $1,616 $1,593 $1,605
26 $1,604 $1,550 $1,578

Average car insurance rates may be interesting to review as an indicator of what other drivers pay for coverage, but they’re not a real predictor of what your own annual auto insurance premiums will be. There is little chance that your rates will be the same as these averages. Your own personal information is used to calculate your premium amount.

No one else has your unique combination of age, geographical location, vehicle, marital status, driving record, annual mileage and credit history. Each of these rating factors, along with type of coverage you choose and with what limits, influences the rate you'll pay for your car insurance policy.

And don't forget that what car insurance company you choose makes a difference in the car insurance rates you'll be offered.

Whatever age and whether male or female, you can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars depending upon the insurer you chose. For this reason, it’s a must to compare car insurance companies and find the one that offers the best rates for your particular set of rating factors.