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Coverage Calculator

What car insurance coverage should I choose?

Calculate Your Coverage

This coverage calculator offers suggestions for typical types of coverage, limits and deductibles based on the answers you provide. Use this coverage calculator to determine the right coverage that best suits you and family. >>

Cost Estimator

What makes my rates go up and down?

See What to Expect

It's not only your driving record that affects your car insurance rates. Get an idea of what happens as you get older, buy a different car, change your address, get married or change your coverage options.>>

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Rates by ZIP Code

How ZIP code affects car insurance

Living on the wrong side of the tracks can cost you hundreds of dollars each year when you buy car insurance. See how your ZIP code compares with other neighborhoods... >>


Coverage Advice

Are you covered for it?

Ask the Crash-O-Matic which coverage you should file a claim under for six common collisions: cars, trees, animals, potholes, garage doors - even hitting your own car... >>

Insurance Discounts

Which car insurance discounts can you get?

Savings from car insurance discounts can vary from state to state and from driver to driver. See which discounts matter most and what's required to save the big money... >>


DUI Calculator

It's good to know your limit

Calculate how many drinks you can safely have before driving - and learn the sobering penalties that await even first-time drunken drivers... >>