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What should I do if my car is vandalized?

The important thing to remember with any act of vandalism is to leave your car the way it is until the police and/or our appraiser have the opportunity to inspect it.

Upon finding that someone has vandalized your vehicle you should notify the police immediately, so that they can write up a police report documenting the damage. This also helps local authorities keep track of vandalism in a given area, which helps them do more to protect you and your community in the future.

If you have a camera with you when you discover the vandalism, take photos of the damage. Also report the act of vandalism to your insurance provider and you can make a claim if you have comprehensive insurance. Scratches to the paint, broken glass and other damages that are typical of a vandal are normally covered under your Comprehensive coverage, minus your deductible amount.

If you're an Esurance policyholder, as soon as possible after contacting the police, report the incident by using our online auto insurance claims. If you are with another insurance carrier they too may have an online insurance claim form or you may need to call in the incident.

Once you have stared your claim for the damages your vehicle has sustained your insurance adjuster should explain how the claims process will work and the steps involved in getting your vehicle repaired.


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