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How do I remove an SR22?


The way in which one goes about removing your SR-22 can differ depending upon state's procedures. In general if your time period mandated by the state to carry your SR-22 is over you should inform your insurance agent so that it can be taken off of your policy.

Before contacting your insurance agent to get the SR22 taken off you may want to contact the department of motor vehicles, or like agency, to make certain it is okay to cancel your SR-22 insurance. The state agency might need to send you documentation which you in turn would need to show your insurance company so that they understand that it is now okay to remove this financial responsibility certificate/form from your policy.

In many states the insurance company will send the state a SR-26 when you cancel or terminate your SR-22 coverage. This is a form showing the cancellation of SR-22 financial responsibility certificate insurance.

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