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I heard that the state will repair your car if it gets hit by a deer, is this true?


It is NOT true to the best of our knowledge that any state will currently pay for damages to your car caused by a deer.

There are not any states that presently pay for your damages if your vehicle is struck by a deer, though some states have had lawmakers try to pass laws that would allow this so at some point in the future one or more states may require the state to pay.

If your car was hit by a wild animal such as a deer you would need to make a claim through your Comprehensive coverage. Your deductible would be due for this type of claim; even though the incident was have been your fault. Most Comprehensive claims are not the driver's fault but the deductible is still due.

A common rumor that people hear and ask about is if a state (or city if the deer strikes a car within city limits) is liable and required to pay when a deer hit your car and so far we are not aware of any city or state that offers compensation due to a deer or other wild animal that have hit your car or caused you to hit it because it ran out on the roadway.

While there may be state agencies that are in charge of managing the deer herd, that agency has no way of preventing deer from wandering onto a road or highway in front of a vehicle or hitting a car so the state does not accept liability for these incidents.

There have been House Bills in various states that have called for the state to cover damage from deer hitting vehicles or at least pay a set amount to a car owner whose vehicle was damaged, however none of these Bills have passed and become law. For example in Missouri there was a bill that would have required the Department of Conservation to pay the first $250 of the cost to repair a vehicle that was in a collision with a deer. The bill did not pass and other bills in other states have not either, thus far.

States try to alert drivers to look out for deer by posting deer crossing signs in areas that deer sightings are common. As a motorist, remember that deer are typically most active between 6 and 9 pm so be extra cautious driving during those times.

If a deer jumps out in front of you and a collision seems inevitable, it is not advised to attempt to swerve out of the way to avoid the animal. Swerving could cause you to lose control of your vehicle or place you in the path of an oncoming vehicle. If you do miss the deer but end up hitting another vehicle or tree or end up in a ditch then the damages to your vehicle would now be covered under your Collision coverage instead of Comprehensive.

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1 Responses to "I heard that the state will repair your car if it gets hit by a deer, is this true?"
  1. paul burd

    I hit a deer in 1949 and the state paid for the damage.