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Glove boxes and car trunks - store emergency items



Glove boxes and car trunks - store emergency items

Whether you have been in an accident or had a breakdown, it can be a trying experience. Make it easier on yourself by being prepared. With the proper items stored in your front glove box or in the trunk of your car, you will be more at ease, even at the frantic time of dealing with car problems.

Small items go in your glove box; everyone knows that. You do not place orange cones or toolboxes in there; instead, you store vital, informative documents. If you have been in an accident, it can be especially important to have the right information and items ready for you to pull out and use.

Essential Glove Box Items:

Insurance ID card
It should have your policy number and information on how to contact your insurance company.

Vehicle Registration
You might have a sticker on your license tag but usually the DMV also gives you paperwork for your registration that you must produce if requested by a law enforcement officer. You can throw away old vehicle registrations when they expire.

Accident checklist or fill in card
Some insurance companies hand out a fill in card of what information to obtain if you are involved in an incident. If not carry around your own checklist, so you do not miss getting all the information needed at the accident scene.

Emergency phone numbers
Have a list of the local police, sheriff, highway patrol, or other law enforcement agencies that you may need to call. Also, include medical numbers such as a local hospital or your physician.

Emergency contact numbers
This can be helpful if you are unable to tell others who to contact for you if you are seriously injured in an accident. Program your cell phone with 911 and put this indicator on the person for police to contact.

Medical card
If you are allergic to any medication or have a condition that medical personnel would need to be aware of for treatment.

Digital or disposable camera, unless your cell phone can take good pictures
Is a great resource if you have been in an accident to photograph the vehicles and roadways involved.

Blank paper or small notepad
You can sketch a diagram of an accident scene and also use to write down information about the vehicle and driver who was in the accident with you.

Tire gauge
It is not needed in an accident but it always smart to have in the car in case you need to inflate your tires by adding in air. Your car will ride better if your tires are at the correct pressure.

Larger items require more space of course. You can put these items in your trunk or another part of your vehicle that has space and is secure. They can be handy for after an accident or if your vehicle breaks down on you.

Essential Trunk Items:

Medical Kit
Can be used for small cuts and bruises you get on daily chores or on minor injuries you receive in an accident.

Orange Triangles or flares
Flares are not as commonly used unless you live in a rural area but can be helpful if you have an accident or breakdown after dark. The flares will make other drivers aware that your vehicle is in the roadway. Orange reflective triangles are designed to do the same job as flares. Some vehicles include them on the top area of the trunk.

These are especially handy if you breakdown and can work on the car yourself or need to change a tire. Overalls can help you keep your "out and about" clothes clean. If you are in an accident that rips or damages your clothes you can put on the overalls to cover yourself.

It is always wise to have a flashlight handy, whether to look at the car in the dark to fix it or to see a piece of paper so you can write down information after a collision.

Small toolbox
You do not need a professional mechanic set of tools in your trunk, unless of course you are a professional mechanic. A toolbox of screwdrivers, a hammer and other commonly used tools should at least help you get started if you need to fix something minor on the car.

In able to exchange information and get through the time after a collision it is helpful to have certain items in your glove box. Other helpful items, that are too large for the glove box, can be safely stored in your trunk. With the combination of the glove box and trunk items, you should be prepared for most incidents that you will encounter on the road.


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