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What does having a $500 deductible mean?


Question: What does having a $500 deductible mean?

Answer: A deductible is a dollar amount that the insured chooses as the portion of damages they agree to pay for if filing an auto insurance claim under certain coverages listed on their policy. Usual insurance deductible amounts are $250, $500 or $1000 with the insured choosing the deductible they feel is best for their financial situation.

Insureds typically choose a deductible amount for collision coverage and comprehensive insurance. For example, you had an accident where the damages to your vehicle were $3500 and put in a collision claim with your insurance company you will pay out of pocket your $500 deductible and then the insurance company would take care of the remaining $3000 loss amount.

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8 Responses to "What does having a $500 deductible mean?"
  1. Nina

    I recently had hail damage on my SUV. Will I have to pay the deductible?

  2. ken

    I had a hail damage check less the deductible that was $500. Repairs $3,700 and check was for $3,200. Does this mean I'm responsible for for the remaining $500 of expenses?

  3. yang

    The answer is perfect.

  4. Visitor

    Answered my question!! Thanks!

  5. Anonymous

    straight to the point, thanks

  6. Anonymous


  7. Anonymous

    totally clear now

  8. Anonymous

    excellent and to the point