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How much would the penalty be driving without a license in the state of Georgia?


In Georgia the OCGA (Georgia Code) states in section 40-5-20 that a driver's license is required. OCGA section 40-5-121 driving while license suspended or revoked discusses penalties for driving without a valid license. Here it states that any person who drives a motor vehicle on any public highway of this state at a time when his privilege to do so is suspended, disqualified, or revoked shall be guilty of a misdemeanor for a first conviction.

To find out what the fine or jail time could be for this offense at this time call the court listed on your ticket (if you were cited for this offense) or contact the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS).

There is currently a GA Senate Bill (SB 15) that just passed the 40 to 8 in early 2007 and is now goes to the House which proposes stricter and harsher penalties for driving without a license in Georgia.

The bill would make the first offense of failing to obtain a license two days in jail, with the second offense ten days in jail. The third would be a felony of one to five years in prison.

The new crime would apply to motorists who had never gotten a Georgia driver's license or who had their license suspended - NOT those who don't have their license with them or who have let their license expire.

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