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What should I do, my car rims were stolen?


If your rims were stolen off of your vehicle you should notify your insurance agent to see if you can make a claim under your comprehensive coverage. You should also make a police report since your insurance company will want a copy.

You will need to read through the terms of your insurance policy and/or speak to your agent about your specific coverages to see though if the rims will be covered.

Standard rims may be covered however if the rims are "add ons," customized for your vehicle, you would normally need an endorsement for these items to be fully covered if stolen or damaged.

In many cases, in order for performance (custom) parts to be covered under your policy your insurance company would need to know about the parts beforehand. Many insurance companies would then want to do an endorsement to cover these non-factory parts. Some insurance companies would call this an additional equipment endorsement or custom parts coverage.

So while the rims were standard on your car or custom, you should notify your insurance agent and see if you a claim can be placed for these stolen items.



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