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If I miss one car insurance payment will my insurance lapse?

Yes, normally if you miss or skip a car insurance payment there will be a lapse in your insurance coverage.

A lapse in insurance is defined as a point in time when a policy has been canceled or terminated for failure to pay the premium, or when the policy contract is void for other reasons. The penalty for a lapse in auto insurance will vary depending on what state you reside and have your vehicle registered in. Typically, any gap in car insurance will cause the state to imposed a penalty on you.

Auto insurance typically does not have a grace period so if you do not make your payment then it will cancel for non-payment and thus cause a lapse in your coverage.

If you realize that you have a gap or lapse in your auto insurance you can call and try to get your policy reinstated though it will not cover you for the period which you lapsed.

You may be able to get your insurance policy reinstated but it will depend upon the guidelines of your insurance company. If you were in an accident during the two day insurance lapse then you would need to notify your insurance company and this incident would not be covered since your policy was not in effect at the time.

For example, most carriers will usually reinstate a policy that has cancelled due to non-payment - as long as the lapse in coverage has been less than 30 days, and there have been no losses. Some carriers have built in grace periods but most do not.

You may be able to get your insurance policy reinstated by contacting your insurance provider depending upon their rules and your state's laws. Most reinstatements are not considered a lapse in coverage, though state laws do differ.

If your previous auto insurance coverage has lapsed then get a quote for your car here with us so that you again can have insurance coverage on your vehicle.


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