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In the state of Ohio, when to points come off of your driving record?


In Ohio, points are assigned to your driving record for various traffic violations. The points assigned are either 2, 4 or 6, depending upon the severity of the offense. According to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, there is no section of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) that states convictions or points ever come off of a person's driving record.

An administrative decision however was made by the OH BMV to allow for Driver Abstracts to only reflect the last three years driver record activity. Points only appear to be important to the BMV for 2 years though. In Ohio during a 2 year period they can look back for points assessed and if the total goes up to 12 during this time period, your license can be suspended.

To find out how many points you have on your OH driving record you can order a driver abstract from the BMV by mail or in person at a local deputy registrar license agency. Under the ORC, when reporting a record of convictions (which the points are a part of) to a person the registrar must collect a fee, so you cannot get your point information over the phone.

If you want to get credit against the total amount of points charged to your Ohio driving record you can do so by taking an approved driver improvement course. According to Ohio's motor vehicle laws an individual can complete Driving Instruction and/or the Juvenile Driver Intervention Course for the following reasons: to comply with the reinstatement conditions of a driver's license suspension, to comply with a judge's orders, or to obtain a two point credit.

Ohio laws thus permit that an 8 hour remedial driving course can be completed to grant a two point credit to Ohio drivers who have at least two, but less than twelve points, charged against their Ohio driving record within a two year period.

Upon receipt of the application and proof of completion of the approved remedial driving course, the registrar shall approve the two-point credit.

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles states that if the points charged against the driver are two (2) but less than twelve (12), the driver may be applicable to complete a remedial driver course. The remedial course can be completed once every three (3) years, a maximum of five credits can be granted within a lifetime. The purpose of the course is to grant a two-point credit against the total amount of points charged within a two (2) year period.

The BMV notes though that the driving class does not delete or remove any points from your Ohio driving record. It credits you 2 points against your accumulated point total. Remember that acquiring 12 points within a 2 year period will lead to your license being suspended.

You can get more information about the Ohio laws surrounding this remedial driving course by reading chapter 4501-21 of the OH Administrative Code.

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