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What is an average hail damage insurance claim on a vehicle?

From the various reports we have read it seems that the on average hail damage claims tend to be between $2,000 and $3,000. When our insurance companies pay for claim damages, they don't have a category specific to hail damage, so it is hard for us to distinguish loss damage claims for only hail.

Hail causes to property of all kinds over one billion dollars of damage each year though according to the National Weather Service the average hail storm only lasts 6 minutes.

For homes a severe hail storm can do a lot of damage to a roof, for farmers it can hurt crops and for car owners whose vehicles sit out in the elements it can cause a variety of damage. Hail can shatter windshields and window, break out headlights or mirrors and leave body damage, in particularly to the roof of the vehicle normally.

If you have Comprehensive coverage as part of your car insurance policy, hail damage should be considered a covered peril. If you submit a claim let your adjuster know if there is broken glass. Likely your insurer will require you to protect your car in some way (plastic over the broken window or windshield, etc) so to mitigate the damages to your vehicle. If you leave the vehicle exposed to the rain and wind so that the car continues to be damaged your insurance may not pay for those damages that you could have stopped from occurring.

Typically there are two repair methods for hail damage. One way is for the car to be repaired and re-painted and the other is paintless dent repair (also referred to as PDR). Your insurance adjuster will assess your damage and determine which repair method is best for your car. Once the repairs are completed, check the vehicle thoroughly to make sure all of the hail dents are gone and there are no flaws with the repair or paint.

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