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Can you settle your own accident claim? Yes you can!



Can You Settle Your Own Accident Claim? Yes You Can!

You have been in a car accident and that was a most startling experience. After you have recovered from the initial shock it is now time to take care of business. Handling your own accident claim can be a daunting task. Instead of being discouraged take these tips and go forth to settle your claim.

The good news is settling a claim can be down by a layman, meaning a person without expertise in a particular field. Thus you do not have to be a super knowledgeable insurance or legal expert to negotiate and settle your claim. Most people can use their limited knowledge and common sense to make a get a good settlement deal.

When settling your insurance claim with an insurance company you will be dealing with an adjuster. You need to remember that although this person deals with insurance negotiations on a weekly basis they are also a human being. They are doing their job but they also understand that you need to be paid for your vehicle's damage and bodily injuries if there are any.

Once you get it in your head that the adjuster is just like you it will be easier to speak with them. The adjuster will want to tape your phone conversations and that is fine, just think before you speak. Do not say anything that might sound like you were at fault if you were not. Do not say you feel fine when in reality you are in pain from your injuries.

The best resource that you can have during negotiations is your detailed records. These records should include all the documents you have collected after the accident occurred. This includes the police report, medical records, and estimates on the car damage and so on. If you have any bodily injuries ask the doctor to note any aches or pains you report to them so that they will be detailed enough for the adjuster to understand your physical difficulties caused by the accident.

The best time to speak to the adjuster is when you have all of your documentation laid out in front of you. Use your common sense and knowledge of what has happened to you. If you feel the adjuster is offering a fair amount than take it. If you are not offered a reasonable amount by the adjuster tell them how you feel. Give them a number you would be satisfied with.

If the adjuster is permitted to go up to the amount you suggested you might receive an agreement right then. If not they might need to speak with a supervisor and get back to you. If the adjuster tells you no outright then you will need to send them documentation to back up the amount and then try again.

Most adjusters are sensible people just trying to perform their job well. If you have your documentation together and appear reasonable your negotiations with the adjuster should be pretty painless. When negotiating your settlement be persuasive and persevere and you will be able to get yourself a settlement you can be happy with.


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