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My daughter got a speeding ticket in someone else's car; will it make my car insurance rates go up?


Yes, it is possible this speeding ticket will make your rates go up.

Your daughter may have received the speeding ticket while operating someone else's car, but the ticket is in her name, and thus the conviction will go on your daughter's motor vehicle record (MVR) -- not the record of the car owner.

Since your daughter is on your car insurance policy, her MVR will be checked at your next renewal period by your insurance company. Your rates could then rise.

Different auto insurance companies have different practices when it comes to raising premiums. Some companies will consider the severity of a violation and raise your rates accordingly; others will raise rates a specific amount per violation.

Also, there are state laws governing when and why auto insurers can change policyholders' premiums. In some states, insurers are not allowed to raise your rates after just one speeding ticket, or other moving violation, conviction.

If state laws allow, and your car insurance companies rating system rates on a first ticket, then in general a conviction of a speeding ticket may raise your rates anywhere from 20 to 40 percent.

If this one ticket does affect your family's car insurance rates, it may be time to shop around for more affordable auto insurance.

When shopping for car insurance, let CarInsurance.com help you get quick quotes. Even with violations on the driving record of a member of your family, we can help you check car insurance prices and find you the best car insurance for your situation.


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