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Can I get a auto insurance quote without a drivers license?

You should be able to obtain an auto insurance quote without a driver's license but will normally need a valid license to purchase an insurance policy.

If your license has expired, been suspended or revoked there is typically an insurance company that will allow you to acquire insurance from them with the requirement that you obtain a valid license within a set amount of time (generally 30 to 45 days).

If you are without a license and are not going to get one then you will need to find a car insurance company that will allow you to place someone other than yourself as the primary driver on the policy and exclude you from the policy.

A driver's license and the associated motor vehicle record (MVR) are usually important rating factors since they help determine your risk as a driver to the insurance provider. If you are able to get a driver's license and do not have one currently it would be helpful to getting accurate car insurance quotes if you obtained your license before applying for an insurance policy.

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