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Can I purchase a car from a dealership if my license is suspended?

You possibly could be able to purchase a car from a dealership with a suspended license. It would depend on the dealership's guidelines and your state laws. For instance in some states you may be allowed to buy and register a car without a license while in other states laws might dictate that you cannot.

Many states require you to have proof of insurance when you register a car and if you do not have a valid license it is normally difficult to find auto insurance. You can contact your state's DMV to find out if your state has laws regarding buying a car while having a suspended license.

If you are able to buy a car and are going to have your license reinstated shortly you can go here to get a car insurance quotation.


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2 Responses to "Can I purchase a car from a dealership if my license is suspended?"
  1. Denise

    I brought a car from a dealer in Illinois on suspended license. The dealer now says there is an issue with the bank and they want me to get my license back and the car has been reported as stolen. Can they really report it stolen? I have the paperwork they gave me when I bought it.

  2. Anonymous

    you answered my question! Thank you!