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What is a conditional license?


Question: What is a conditional license?

Answer: A conditional license is a type of driver's license that does not grant full driving privileges but instead comes with restrictions. Different states have different interpretations of a conditional license. For example, in North Carolina a conditional license is what 15 year olds are allowed to obtain but they are restricted in their driving times, who can be in their vehicle and how many passengers they can have in the vehicle with them.

Other states allow previously licensed drivers who have been convicted of certain offenses to receive a conditional or restricted license that only allows the driver to operate a motor vehicle under limited circumstances. These types of conditional licenses are typically for motorists who have been convicted of a DUI, DWI, OUI or driving with a controlled substance.

For these offenses, most states suspend or revoke the person's driving privilege but in some states you may be eligible for a conditional license after you have attended an alcohol or drug program. With the conditional license of this type, the driver is typically restricted to driving only within the allowable parameters set by their state. In Maine and Utah they have also dictated that you cannot operate a vehicle with any amount of alcohol in your system if you have a conditional license.


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  1. syed

    My license is suspend I need a conditional license. Thanks for the information.