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Does GAP insurance cover your upside-down dollar amount on a trade in?


GAP insurance for a vehicle is designed to pay the difference between what is determined as the actual cash value of a vehicle, that has been deemed a total loss, and the amount still due on the lease or loan. When a car is found to be worthl ess than what is owed on it, this is termed being upside-down.

So, if your car was not in an wreck or incident that caused it to be declared as totaled, you would not be able to get monies from your GAP insurance carrier because a loss did not occur.

GAP insurance only pays your upside-down portion in the event of an accident AND only if your insurance company covers the claim (primary).

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2 Responses to "Does GAP insurance cover your upside-down dollar amount on a trade in?"
  1. Visitor

    This is exactly what I was looking for. I plan on buying a new car soon but owe $2,000 more on my loan than my car is currently worth. I have gap insurance and was trying to see if it would cover the negative value in my loan, and it does not. Guess I will keep saving up. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous

    It doesn't make sense...