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What do you do about an abandoned car? Can you get it transferred into your name?


If you are interested in placing an abandoned vehicle in your name, by obtaining the title and placing registration on it, you will need to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles. State laws differ but if the owner is unknown you may be able to find the owner if you take the license plate number and VIN of the vehicle to the DMV so that the owner can be identified.

Also if you do not know the owner but a car is abandoned you may want to check with law enforcement first to make sure the vehicle has not been stolen and abandoned. The police may be able to identify the owners of the vehicle, if they do again you could discuss taking over the title of the car from the owners. Depending on state laws you may be able to request a lost title from the DMV and take it to the owners for them to sign over the vehicle to you.

If you already know the owner of the car that is seemingly abandoned then you should discuss with them signing over the title to you so that you can transfer the title and placed registration in your name at the DMV. 

If you are able to take title of the abandoned vehicle, check with us for a quick car insurance quote.


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