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Retread tires



Retread tires

When you get new tires do you ever wonder what happens to the old ones? All that used rubber has to go somewhere. Believe it or there are many uses for old tires that can be beneficial to you in other ways. Retreading tires is an advantageous process for us all.

When car and truck tires become worn out for whatever reason they are changed out. Are the new tires always brand new? No you can get "restored" tires that are called retreads. A retread is basically a used tire casing which has new tread rubber applied to it. According to an organization called the Tire Retread Information Bureau (Retread.org) there is no significant difference in the quality between new and retread tires.

Retreading is more popular with large commercial trucks which do it as part of routine tire maintenance. It is more popular for these commercial vehicles because of the hefty price of new tires compare to retreads. Retreading is a good bargain for large fleet groups including the U.S. Government. All federal vehicles are mandated to use retreads.

Tire retreads are not only used by large fleet groups but also most airline companies for their jets. The U.S. Air Force and all major airlines use retreads to hold down costs. They do so without sacrificing safety or performance. The recycling of tires in this capacity saves us all money in ways that we do not even see.

Trucking and airline companies that save costs on getting retreads over new tires end up saving all of us money. By these companies spending less money on tires, that savings is passed on to us in many ways we are not even aware of. The cost of transporting goods is lowered by the expense of new tires not being calculated in. The same goes for airlines. If they had to buy new tires instead of retreads that cost would be passed onto us in our ticket price.

Purchasing retreads is a good way to save money and reduce scarp tire waste. Approximately 45million scrap tires are used each year to make 24.5 million automobile and truck tire retreads according to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries. Keeping tires out of landfills, even if for a few years, is so much better for our environment.

Eventually all tires wear out. When tires are used up beyond hope for reuse or retreading the next step is recycling. With technological advances there are many ways which you can now use recycled rubber, even around your house. Look for future articles at www.carinsurance.com that describe ways in which recycled rubber is turned into usable forms.


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