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What is a named driver exclusion?

Some households deal with the high cost of insurance by excluding a problem driver from the family insurance policy.

A named-driver exclusion means that the person named on the exclusion form will not be covered by your car insurance. Often the person excluded has a suspended license, a conviction for DUI or some other high-risk factor. By adding this endorsement to your insurance policy, you are stating specifically that a driver who has access to your car or truck will not be covered by your insurance policy.

Because the problem driver is excluded from coverage, the insurance company doesn’t look at his or her driving record when calculating your rates. Usually all licensed drivers in a household are considered.

That doesn’t mean that you or the excluded driver is exempt from liability if that person wrecks your car. It means only that the insurance company won’t pay for any damages.

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A designated person exclusion can be required by the insurance company or requested by the policyholder.

An excluded driver typically is excluded until specifically added back to the policy. At renewal, the exclusion is extended unless you specifically add that driver back to the policy.

Not all states or insurance companies allow you to exclude a driver.

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