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Penny Gusner, consumer analyst

Penny Gusner is the consumer analyst for CarInsurance.com and an expert on auto insurance procedures, rates, policies and claims.

CarInsurance.com Expands Car Insurance Options in 2010

CarInsurance.com recently added Infinity Insurance in California and Starr Indemnity & Liability Company in Arizona. CarInsurance.com also expanded their car insurance tools at http://www.carinsurance.com/Premium-Index.aspx.

Social Networking with Free Tools Help Shoppers Learn and Save on Auto Insurance

CarInsurance.com is using http://facebook.com/carinsurance and http://twitter.com/carinsurance to spread innovative ways to help shoppers save and understand auto insurance. CarInsurance.com offers the most comprehensive car insurance tools inside its Learning Center along with online quotes and instant auto insurance policies to help shoppers save.

CarInsurance.com Offers Tools for Car Insurance Savings around the Holidays

Christmas is only a few weeks away, so shopping for car insurance probably is not on the top of your to-do list. December is a great time to shop for insurance and shopping online has never been easier. Putting off a review of your policy too long could be costly. Rates are projected to continue to rise nationwide next year.

A Simple Quote Helps You Review Your Car Insurance

A simple car insurance quote at CarInsurance.com will help you compare car insurance rates quickly and instantly online. With insurance rates increasing in 2009, you have to get quotes to find cheap car insurance. CarInsurance.com makes it easy to Click, Compare, Save!

Car Insurance Premiums Are Higher In 2009

CarInsurance.com displays the state and national average car insurance trends. The overall trend is that they are increasing at a national level for 2009, but some states improved this month.

CarInsurance.com Adds Infinity Insurance

CarInsurance.com is busy adding more insurance companies; they added Infinity car insurance to their platform for Florida drivers to click, compare, and save with another car insurance company.

Reviewing Your Auto Insurance Policy and Shopping for Car Insurance is the Only Way to save in 2009

CarInsurance.com hopes that drivers will prepare for 2009. Shopping for car insurance is not exciting, but you have to be protected against the unforeseen. Car insurance shopping should be fast and efficient. Drivers should shop for the lowest auto insurance every year and find a company that will protect them. CarInsurance.com offers new tools to allow more Americans to compare car insurance rates and save on car insurance costs.

New Mexico, Rhode Island, and West Virginia Drivers Can Now Click, Compare, and Save at CarInsurance.com

CarInsurance.com has expanded into New Mexico, Rhode Island, and West Virginia. CarInsurance.com offers an exclusive lineup of auto insurance carriers including Direct General, Progressive, Esurance, Unitrin Direct, Travelers, Safeco Insurance, The Hartford, QBE, Meritplan Insurance, and Newport Insurance. CarInsurance.com offers its Online Insurance Marketplace™ in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, along with services in Canada and the United Kingdom.

CarInsurance.com Grows Its Online Insurance Marketplace

CarInsurance.com has expanded its auto insurance agency into North Carolina to sell auto insurance through their online and call center agency. With the addition of North Carolina, CarInsurance.com offers auto insurance as an online insurance agency in 25 states.

CarInsurance.com Agency Platform Reaches 20 States

CarInsurance.com shows great promise for 2007 as three (3) more states are added; New York, Minnesota and Virginia give this online innovator a lineup of twenty (20) states for their online insurance platform.

CarInsurance.com Expands Products To New States

CarInsurance.com now offers their online insurance agency solution in California, Texas, Arizona and Florida. CarInsurance.com has been a full service online car insurance agency in Florida since 2004 along with insurance company relationships in all 50 states, Canada and the United Kingdom.

CarInsurance.com Now Offering Mexico Insurance Online

CarInsurance.com, a leader in the distribution of well-known and respected insurance products, now offers Mexico insurance online. The new offering of Mexico insurance online is being offered through International Insurance Group, Inc. in conjunction with five of Mexico's largest and most respected insurers, GNP (A.M. Best rating A), ACE Seguros, GE, Zurich Mexico, and ANA Seguros. They offer an online Mexico Tourist Auto policy.

CarInsurance.com Offers NextInsure to Give Visitors More Choices

CarInsurance.com continues to expand its product offerings. Currently, visitors in Florida can quote and purchase a policy through the CarInsurance.com Agency system. In other states, CarInsurance.com offers consumers choices. They have expanded to offer NextInsure's product offering.

CarInsurance.com Expands Its Esurance Offering in Florida

CarInsurance.com opened their online agency in Florida with Direct General Insurance Company and Esurance earlier this year. An innovator in the insurance market, CarInsurance.com has been providing full service agency support to their Florida customers online and over the phone. CarInsurance.com expands its Esurance offering.

CarInsurance.com Launches Online Insurance Marketplace

CarInsurance.com has launched their online insurance agency in Florida and expanded offerings to all states. As an online agency they are providing the convenience of purchasing insurance online or over the phone. Their innovative approach has been launched in Florida with Direct General Insurance Company and Esurance.