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Which household members do not require coverage?


You need to disclose all household members in your household. Each company will handle them differently. Typically, a carrier will include the driver on the policy, exclude the driver from the policy, or not rate the person on the policy.

Our interface will ask these types of questions to determine how the person will be listed on the policy:

Will this resident be included on the policy? Depending on your answer to this question, each company will ask additional questions to determine how to rate the policy.

All the household residents, 16 (some states 15) years of age or older, and all regular operators of the vehicles need to be included on the policy. You can choose to include the resident on your policy or not and companies' underwriting will determine if you are eligible to be insured by the insurance company.

The answers to these questions will help the company include the drivers in rating or help them determine how to include, exclude, or not rate the drivers on the policy. The named insured cannot be an excluded driver.

You must disclose all household residents on your policy.

Comment Update: Please see the related article below titled "What is a resident relative?". That is the reason your son doesn't need to be listed.


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2 Responses to "Which household members do not require coverage?"
  1. Anonymous

    I am told different by my carrier - see the other comment below. My son doesn't live here full time, my carrier says as a occasional driver he need not be added.

  2. Anonymous

    My son(now 21) drives my ex-husbands car while at college and at home(at all times...not my vehicles at all.) My exs victory again. Why should I pay for my sons car insurance on my policy...thousands...when his dad has provided him car full-time?