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How long do points stay on my license in Ohio?


According to the Ohio's Bureau of Motor Vehicles, there is no section of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) that states convictions ever come off of a person's driving record. However, an administrative decision is in effect in OH that allows for Driver Abstracts to only reflect the last three years driver record activity.

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2 Responses to "How long do points stay on my license in Ohio?"
  1. Anonymous

    How long do "points" not convictions stay on your license. In Ohio, if you accumulate 12 points in any two year period you lose your license for 6 months. So, it doesn't matter how long a conviction stays on your license because "who cares" so long as the "points" "fall off" your license every two years from the date of conviction so you don't accumulate 12. Show us the statute and specific administrative section that demonstrates POINTS fall off every two years.

  2. Anonymous

    good info