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What class is required to sell auto insurance in Georgia?


As you are likely aware, all auto insurance agents in Georgia must be licensed. The law requires that an applicant must first complete 40 classroom hours of training from an approved provider. This applies to applicants for a Property and Casualty License which is what you would want to be able to sell auto insurance.

The Georgia Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner notes that to become a property and casualty (P&C) agent the following is required:

  1. Completion of 40 hour property and casualty pre-licensing course.
  2. Passing score on property and casualty examination.
  3. Completion of form GID-103 (Resident Insurance License Application).
  4. Payment of $75.

There is a waiver of pre-licensing course and examination that can be granted if applicant holds CPCU designation. You must attach a copy of CPCU designation to your agent application to get this waiver.

Also a waiver of prelicensing course and examination can be granted if applicant was previously licensed for same lines in prior home state; license in that state must be active at the time of moving to Georgia, applicant must attach original clearance letter from prior home state and must apply for licensure within 90 days of the date of the move to Georgia.

The GA Office of Insurance, the insurance regulator for the state, lists on its site the providers in Georgia that offer the 40 hour prelicensing class one must take for a property and casualty license. This type of class covers property and casualty insurance principles and concepts. The topics cover the core content on basic insurance principles and the laws and regulations that apply to insurance in the State of Georgia.

The exam training is intended as a comprehensive introduction to property and casualty insurance. Topics include but are not limited to in a pre-licensing agent class in Georgia: industry regulations, contract terms and definitions, personal auto, homeowners and dwelling policies, underwriting, umbrella insurance, commercial general liability and property insurance, business owners' insurance, inland marine, commercial floaters and workers' compensation.

A Certificate of Completion is awarded at the conclusion of the 40-Hour Course of Study. There are many prelicensing providers available in Georgia so to take the course and learn the information needed to take the exam and become an auto insurance agent in GA should not be complicated.

Go to the GA Office of Insurance website to see the list of providers and find the one in your area if you want to get started with the agent licensing process. Each provider should then have a site you can go on and find out when their next property and casualty prelicensing course will be held.

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