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How much would my car insurance premium increase for a DUI violation?

The amount your car insurance will go up due to a driving under the influence (DUI) violation will depend upon your insurance company's rates they have filed with the state. Since a DUI is a quite serious offense and makes you more of a risk to your auto insurer your rates typically will go up substantially.

In most states it is said that a DUI event can cost the participant a minimum of $10,000, and now upwards of $20,000. Now these costs are not all for car insurance but are made up of legal fees, state fines and penalties, lost time from work, expenses for driving schools, higher insurance costs, and higher insurance limit requirements and filing of a SR-22 or FR-44.

To find out how much your rates would go up with your specific insurance carrier you would need to speak to your insurance agent about how this DUI is affecting your rates and how long it will continue to raise your rates (if it indeed has already). You may want to shop around for cheaper insurance or one that offers more discounts (multi-car, anti-theft, etc) and thus at least helps reduce the affect of the DUI on your driving record.

Normally see a big increase in their auto insurance rates due to having a DUI conviction on their driving record. Having operated a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs generally puts a motorist into a high risk class of drivers.

The amount of an insurance premium increase due to having a DUI and/or needing an SR-22 or FR-44 (certificate of financial responsibility) will depend upon the insurance company that you are dealing with and their rating system. You also may lose discounts that you also previously had on the policy which helped to lower your rates, such as a safe or good driver discount.

Sometimes there are higher than normal state required insurance limits involved when getting your license reinstated after a DUI. Limits as high as 100/300/50 can be required depending upon your state's laws. In dollars an auto insurance policy for a motorist with a DUI on their record can cost $2000 to $3000 or more for one year of car insurance coverage.

Insurance laws are legislated to reward safe drivers, and those who are the least risk, (in general) to other drivers on the road. Those same laws are enacted to dramatically punish drivers who put other drivers at risk by driving drunk or under the influence.

Some state insurance regulators and department of motor vehicles give information on the average insurance increase for a DUI conviction. For example, the Colorado Department of Transportation has a Cost of a DUI brochure lists that your CO auto insurance could go up 30 % on average, that is if it is not canceled, after having a DUI conviction. Your state's insurance regulator can also tell you what the average time period is that your rates will be higher for after your DUI conviction.

Shop around to see what the lowest rates you can get with your driving record. Start here with a quote from an auto insurance specialist.


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