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Can I get insurance with a suspended license?


CarInsurance.com recognizes that your license may be suspended because you do not have insurance. Every state has different rules and each company has different guidelines. In some states with some carriers we can offer you a policy that will provide 45 days for you to obtain a valid license. CarInsurance.com now offers carriers that will quote you a policy if you are in the process of getting your license reinstated.

You will need to get a quote and see if we have a carrier that will cover you with a suspend license or with higher points.

On our quote form, we ask:

What is the current status of your license?

These selections are available:

  • Valid
  • Suspended
  • Revoked
  • Expired
  • Permit
  • Foreign or International

Select 'Suspended'. In those states where we can offer coverage a rate will be available. Otherwise, you will be redirected to some other carriers. If we can't help you, we have will have a link to carriers that will either help you find a local agent or that will help you get coverage with a suspension and/or significant points.

Comment Update: Each state has different laws for driving on a suspended license for no insurance. Typically, you will have to pay the fine AND get insurance, buying insurance doesn't remove the fine for driving without insurance.

Update: On our quote form, on the driver page, indicate your license status. We will return a rate for all carriers that offer coverage with your selected license status.


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13 Responses to "Can I get insurance with a suspended license?"
  1. ken

    I was driving an insured car when a police flashed his lights. I couldn't pull over because it wasn't safe. I was charged with eluding police and my license was suspended for a year. Now I learn I can drive again with an SR-22. I really didn't elude police they told a lie and now I don't know what to do in this situation. Any ideas that i can pursue?

  2. Visitor

    If my license is suspended for 45 days and I am the only driver on my policy, do I have to continue to pay my car insurance premium or can it be held/postponed until it is renewed?

  3. Anonymous

    Provides quick straight to the point answers and alternatives.

  4. Anonymous

    my license were suspended and i had a accident, but i were not at falth what will happen to me?

  5. Anonymous

    It was straight forward, so yes you answered my question. Can you refer me to some places to get insured on a suspended license?

  6. Anonymous

    I have a suspended license, but was just given a car as a gift. Can I still get insurance while it sits in the driveway

  7. Anonymous

    it answered my exact question

  8. Anonymous

    Please tell me which carriers to contact.

  9. Anonymous

    I kind of would have prefered more details on how I would go about getting insurance with a suspended license for too many points from speeding tickets.

  10. Anonymous


  11. Anonymous


  12. Anonymous

    it didnot answer my question;;;; the question was,if my daughter has suspended driver license and get a ticket for no insurance and suspended license while driving my vehicle ,can the insurance that was purchased for the vehicle cover her ticket?

  13. Anonymous

    I couldnt get a straight answer anywhere else but here...thank you.

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