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Is there any state that does not check the NDR (National Driver Register)?


No, there is not any state that is not part of the National Driver Register (NDR). All states within the United States will check the NDR if you apply for a driver's license there or if you have a license already in that state and are going to renew the license.

In all states when a person applies for a driver's license the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or like state licensing agency is required to check the National Driver Register database to determine if the applicant has been identified as a problem driver in another state. If a match is found in NDR, state officials are directed to another state DMV system for details on the traffic conviction or status of the license.

The NDR database keeps information on drivers whose license has been revoked, suspended, canceled or denied or have been convicted of serious traffic related offenses and this information is provided by all 51 US jurisdictions. If you have a hold on your license in one state it will show up on the NDR when any other state checks it.

It is a federal requirement that the DMV check applicants against NDR. The intention of this federal government mandate is to prevent problem drivers from shopping around for a license. National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the administrator of the NDR and they do not want a person to be able to go to a different state to get a new driver's license when their current license has sanctions against it. Keeping problem drivers off the road is critical to the NHTSA's goal of reducing highway fatalities and injuries.

The NDR contains a listing of names and related identification, provided by State driver licensing officials, of those "problem drivers" whose driver's licenses have been cancelled, denied, revoked, or suspended or who have been convicted of certain serious traffic violations such as a DUI.

With a license suspension in one state you should be listed on this national database. If you are uncertain if you are on it you can check and see if you are listed on the NDR. You will have to complete a form and have your signature notarized, and then mail the completed form to the National Driver Register. You then can find out if you are listed on the NDR.

Some states may mention that they check the Problem Driver Pointer System (PDPS) instead of the National Driver Registry but they both are related. The PDPS helps DMV officials search the NDR by pointing the inquiring licensing bureau to the State of Record, where an individual's driver status and history information is stored.

Since all 50 states within the United States (and the District of Columbia) look at the Problem Driver Pointer System and National Driver Register when a person applies for a driver's license or is trying to renew a license, you will need to work out your problems, suspension in your case, with your current state to get a valid driver's license again in your current state or any other state.

Typically if you have a suspended license in one state you must deal with the issues surrounding your driver's license there and get that license reinstated before you apply and obtain a new driver's license in another state. States will allow you to exchange an out of state license for a new license when you move to a state within the US, however the driver's license you are turning in needs to be valid.

If your driver's license was wrongfully suspended in your current state then you need to get the suspension overturned or lifted. If you are unable to get your license reinstated on your own working with the DMV then you may need to seek legal representation to help you get your suspension lifted and your license reinstated. Once your driver's license is no longer suspended then any hold on your license that is listed on the NDR should be taken off so that you can get a license in another state if you have moved.

We are not aware of what states may be lax and allow you to obtain any type of license, even an occupational one to drive to work and back, if your driver's license is suspended in another state. If you are moving to another state and cannot get your current license issues taken care of before you move then you can contact the DMV of the new state to discuss your license issues and see if there is a way to obtain any type of driver's license there while you are listed on the NDR.

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5 Responses to "Is there any state that does not check the NDR (National Driver Register)?"
  1. Michael Deegan

    I have lived in Florida for the past 17 years. I am from New York originally. I was young & dumb growing up and had a couple of alcohol related instances. My driving record in Florida is perfect. In 2014, I went to DMV to renew my license and was told that could not renew it because New York put me on this Driver National Register and they won't take off. I have been fighting with them for 3 years, done everything they ask me to do and they still will not take off this list. My life has been hell for all this time, they holding me hostage. Is there anything or anyone that can help me?

  2. Edwin Kennedy

    My license in Florida is revoked for life because of 4th DUI conviction. Can get a supervised license in Florida? If I get the supervised license in Florida, will I be able to apply for an occupational driving permit in Texas? Only Florida has the SSI program to allow their permanent revocations to be able to drive with a IID in their vehicles. The driver license actually is a right to work license for many companies carry business insurance based on the driving records of their employees.

  3. Gary Pareja

    This is an interesting article, right up until the last paragraph. As a Colorado DUI attorney, I have helped hundreds of clients obtain a Colorado driver's license despite holds in another state - even lifetime bans. It's not that Colorado is "lax" but there is a special administrative rule that allows people to appeal a license denial from the DMV.

    1. terri May 19, 2017 at 5:16 PM

      My friend is on list from Virginia. He checked with the FBI and they show nothing -- no arrest, no DWI, yet he cannot get license because he is on the NDR list. Virginia has no records of whatever happened long ago for them to put him on the list. Any ideas of what can be done to clear record and be allowed license?

        Reply »  
    2. gio January 13, 2017 at 10:22 AM

      Depending on the suspension you may be able to get the license in another state. I had a suspension for New York taxes, but since Florida doesn't have a state taxes suspension then they cannot prohibit me from getting a license there -- or so I'm told. I am just trying it now and will stay in touch.

        Reply »  
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