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Car insurance calculator
Get quick insurance estimates for your car in five easy steps by using this calculator that provides rates for various coverage levels based on your personal profile.
Find average rates by ZIP code, age and gender for three coverage levels. You’ll also see the highest and lowest rates fielded from up to six major insurers. The difference shows how much you can save by comparison shopping.
Find out how much alcohol puts you over the legal limit in your state. You can also link out from our tool to see how much car insurance goes up for a DUI, and how you can still save on coverage.
See how much car insurance rates go up or down when you move from one location to another. Plus, get a checklist for what to do about your car insurance when you’re planning a move.
You want enough coverage to be sure you are fully protected and your assets aren’t at risk. To help you determine how much that is, use our tool that shows what other drivers with similar circumstances have bought. Our guide also explains what you need to know to make confident coverage decisions.
Enter the price of the vehicle, length of loan and other variables to see how much your payments would be on a loan for a car you want to buy. Once you've got the result, you can click on "Amortization," which will produce a table you can print showing the monthly break-down with payment dates and a monthly balances. You can also get best-practices for securing car financing..
See average rates for over 3,500 used car models from 2006 to 2019. Choose the year of the car, your state, plus the make and model of the vehicle you are thinking of buying. On the results page you can add more cars to compare - up to 10 different vehicles at once - to determine which used vehicle you have on your short list costs the least to insure.
Adding a teenage driver to your policy raises your rates. New drivers are among the most dangerous on the road, have a higher rate of accidents and file more claims compared to the average driver. On average, your insurance rate will increase 130% after you add a teen to your policy, costing an extra $2,000 yearly. Use this calculator to find out how much you can save on car insurance for your teens.

Learn More About Our Auto Insurance Calculators

Our calculators and tools give you the information you need to make the right choices about your car insurance coverage. We take the confusion out of considering all the factors that determine the types and amount of car insurance you need and figuring how much it will cost. Our tools give you an idea of what coverage is best for your particular situation, and how much you can expect to pay. You can find out how much coverage you need, what it costs to insure a particular car and find average car insurance rates by ZIP code, coverage level and age.

  • How to use car insurance cost calculators?

    To get results, simply enter into the tool the information that you are asked about, and the calculator does the rest. If you’re not certain about what information to provide, make an educated guess. You’ll get findings within a few minutes of beginning the process, so you’ve got nothing to lose by trying it out.

  • Which auto insurance calculator do I need?

    • To find out how much coverage you need and see rates, use the Car Insurance Estimator.
    • To determine what types of car insurance you need and how much use the Car Insurance Coverage Calculator
    • To see how much a policy costs, use the Average Rates by ZIP code tool.
    • To learn how much alcohol puts you at risk for impaired driving, use the Blood Alcohol Calculator.
    • See how much car insurance rates increase or decrease when you move between two locations by using the Too, Will My Insurance Go Up If I Move?
    • Find out the right level of coverage you need to have sufficient protection by using the How Much Car Insurance Do I Need? Calculator
    • Estimate how much you’ll pay each month when financing a car by using the Car Loan Calculator
    • Get average rates for thousands of vehicles by make and model by using the Average Car Insurance Rates for Used Cars tool
  • Should I use different calculators to calculate car insurance in different states?

    You don’t have to! By using our Average Car Insurance Rates by ZIP code, you’ll get the cost for a policy based on your location, as well as your age, gender and desired coverage level.

Compare auto insurance quotes in your area and Save up to $560/yr* on your insurance.
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