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The car loan calculator will give you an idea of how much you can afford to pay for your new vehicle, so when you’re at the dealership you can stay under budget. You can begin by checking the prices of vehicles you're interested in, and then plugging in the numbers in the car finance calculator to see if the payment amount works with your monthly budget.

Also, it's important to note that this auto loan calculator doesn’t account for title and registration fees, so your actual cost may be a bit higher than this estimate.

How to use car loan calculator to calculate monthly car payment

Here's a look at the numbers that make up your monthly car payment, that you'll enter in the auto loan calculator below:

  • Price of the vehicle
  • The length of time the loan will last
  • Down payment, or how much you are paying toward the car outside of the loan (20 percent or more is recommended)
  • Sales tax rate for your state
  • Interest rate, enter the rate you've qualified for, and if you don't know, you can estimate it, the higher your credit score the lower the interest rate

Once you've got the result, you can click on "Amortization," which will produce a table you can print showing the monthly break-down with payment dates and a monthly balances. Buying a used car? Click on the "See Average Rates for Used Car" banner to see what you can expect to pay for coverage for 4,500 used car models from 2006 to 2017. You can compare up to 10 different vehicles at once.

Car Loan Calculator and Estimator

The amount you are paying for the vehicle (negotiated price or estimated amount)
Number of months the loan will last.
The amount of the vehicle cost you are paying for yourself outside of the loan. Twenty percent or more of purchase price is considered a decent down payment.
Amount of sales tax your state requires you to pay when purchasing a vehicle.
Percentage of loan charged to you as interest. The better your credit, typically the better rate you can get.

Select One-time Principal Prepayment date:
Your Monthly payment Estimate Would Be:
(Includes principal + Interest for the Month)
Total principal Paid $0
Total Interest Paid $0
Disclaimer: Title, registration, other fees, taxes and incentives are not included in this calculation. This is a monthly auto loan payment estimate provided for informational purposes only; this is not a financial offer.
Amortization Schedule
Estimated Payoff Date:

Shopping for a new car also typically means shopping for the best car loan. To help, here we outline steps to take to make sure you get the best deal on car financing, and provide an auto loan calculator so you can estimate monthly payments. 

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