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Stand up and settle your insurance claim



Stand up and settle your insurance claim

You have already been involved in an accident that not only damaged your car but injured you as well. The last thing you need now is to be taken advantage of by an insurance company with regards to your claim. This article discusses ways in which to stand up for yourself so that you are not railroaded into a bad settlement.

The best way in which to be prepared to deal with an insurance company and be able to stand your ground against their trained claims department is to be organized and know your facts. Do not haphazardly deal with any documents that are about your accident, injuries sustained or lost wages. All of this information is key to getting the best settlement that you can.

If you are not an organized person it is time to become one when dealing with an insurance company. They will want the facts about your claim and unless you can give them the particular documents they request you will be lowering your settlement amount. Knowledge in this case can give you power and power over an adjuster can make the difference in getting paid fairly or getting a payment that barely covers your damages.

Even if you are not a confident person do not let the insurance company representative see that. If you are quiet it is time to break out of your shell, just for a little bit, in order to show the insurance company you are confident in your claim and know what you deserve. Do not be intimidated by the adjuster. They are just another human being just like you or me.

Once in negotiations do not back down or let the insurance company talk down to you. Adjusters are used to talking people down, acting as if your injuries are not real or not as substantial as you claim. This is again where your attention to details could be important. When you are being examined by a physician, either your personal one or an emergency room doctor, make sure they note every complaint that you have.

Some of your small complaints such as a headache or sore neck can become bigger issues as the days pass by. If you do not show this symptom on your initial evaluation by a doctor an insurance company might try to say that it was not due to the incident they are paying on. This is why it is important for you to ask the doctor to take detailed notes and then receive a copy before discussing the claim with the insurance company.

Negotiating with an insurance company can be quite a burden. You have already gone through so much and now you have to possibly fight for what you deserve. Do not let this scare you away from standing up for yourself and settling the claim for an amount that you believe is fair.

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