An accident normally remains on a New York state motor vehicle record (MVR) during the year that the accident occurred and for the following three years. The accident is then removed on January 1 of the fourth year after the collision.

In New York, the DMV lists an accident on the driving records of every driver in an accident. An accident that appears on the driver record does not assign the fault to that driver or determine fault.

If the accident was considered by the state or DMV to be of a serious nature, it can remain on a driver record for more than 10 years. This information regarding your driving record is important to know because insurance companies typically look at your driving record when determining your rates.

If your accident is listed when an insurance company checks your driving record, it can affect your rates.

An accident increases rates by 12%, or $146, a year, on average for New York City drivers. That’s much less than the national average of 31%, or about $450 a year. But when broken down by company, your rates in New York City could go up by as much as 28%, or as little as 7%. That’s why it’s important to compare auto insurance quotes to get the best cheap car insurance after an accident.