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Auto accidents and lost wages



dented bumperOn your normal daily drive to work the unexpected happens. Joe Q. Public runs a signal light and plows into your car. What do you need to do? First the normal reactions of course, check to make sure you are okay and that the other driver is as well. If the collision was hard enough you will have injuries that will not only hurt but side line you from work. Without work you are losing wages. There are ways in which to recoup your lost wages when you were not at fault in an auto accident.

After you have been involved in a car collision there are many questions running through your mind. The first being if you car is inoperable how you are going to get home or to work? Next what form of transportation will you have until your car is fixed or the insurance company comes through with money for your totaled automobile?

Once these issues are resolved you will realize there are even more concerns to consider. If you were indeed injured you will have medical bills to contend with and probably days taken off of work. This is what this article is going to discuss, how to try to get your lost wages paid for.

You were minding your own business on your way to work when the accident occurred. Why should you be penalized for not only the time the actual accident took away from your job but also the time taken off due to injuries? You were not at fault why should you lose money from someone else's mistake?

How can you go about recouping your lost wages? Before going through the pain staking task of dealing with the other person's insurance company check to make sure you did not purchase an add on to your own insurance coverage. If you did purchase the lost wage reimbursement coverage you may not have to go any further. You paid for that coverage take advantage of it. It should pay some or all of your lost wages. The down side is that your insurance company may wait till your case with the other party's insurance company has been settled before they settle the lost wages amount with you.

Unfortunately you will always have to deal with the insurance company of the person who hit your car. This can be easy or hard. More than likely it will be the later since many insurance companies hate to part with their money. Most insurance companies have very complex strategies put in place to try and confuse you so that they can limit the financial compensation that they will have to pay out to you, the accident victim.

Dealing with an insurance company's adjuster might make you end up running to a lawyer. If that is the case make sure the lawyer you contact understands you were injured and not only want your car repairs and physical injuries covered in the settlement but also your lost wages from work. Your workplace might have covered your days off with sick or vacation time so that you still received a paycheck. If this is the case you should still be entitled to reimbursement because this is obviously not how you would have wanted to spend your time off from work. That time cannot be replaced but you can be compensated for it.

If you end up dealing with the insurance adjuster from Joe Q. Public's insurance company be prepared. They will want to negotiate a sum of money that is as little as possible. The car and injuries will be their priorities so if you do not bring up your lost wages or compensatory damage, they will not offer it to you.

If you life in a state with no-fault laws, your personal injury protection typically will cover some amount of lost wages.

If you health and accident policy happened to have paid you for being out of work odds are they are did not pay you the full amount of your normal salary. Joe Public's insurance company will mostly likely only try to pay you the difference of your normal salary and what your health policy paid. Do not be led into this trap. The insurance company should pay you the full amount of your lost wages. They did not carry that health and accident policy, you did and that is why you received money. Their customer caused the incident and should not be decide to pay you what is due because you planned well for this type of situation.

For each week that you were out of work, out on disability due to the accident, you will need a doctor's medical report to prove to the insurance company why you were unable to work. Make sure that your doctor takes detailed notes of your injuries so that the insurance adjuster will understand the depth of your problems.

The adjuster will want documentation from your employer as well. If possible get those documents to be detailed and explain even if you were able to come back to work how your injuries might have still not allowed you to do your work at 100 percent. You will want your gross wages for that time period, not the net so make sure your company lists that correctly in their report. Make sure to also let the adjuster know if you lost out on bonuses during your time off of work. This can be another bartering point.

The longer you were off work should be related to the amount of pain and suffering compensation you should receive from the insurance company. The rule of thumb for pain and suffering is three times the amount of your medical bills so keep after the adjuster to make sure you do not get short changed.

Accidents are never a pleasant experience, especially if you have been injured. What you need to remember after your car and injuries are compensated for appropriately that you are not done with Joe Public's insurance company. Keep negotiating with their insurance adjuster until you get paid what you are due and that includes your lost wages.

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