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Orlando Car Insurance


Orlando car insurance rates

Driving in OrlandoOrlando, "The City Beautiful," turns a little ugly when you take a look at its heavy traffic and famously careless drivers. Stir in rubbernecking tourists and slow-moving retirees easing their way along highways affected by an unending list of repair projects and you'll see why Orlando insurance rates are so high.

Theme parks from Universal Studios to Disney World to SeaWorld clog streets in the southwest corner of the city, making International Drive, which connects them, a candidate over and over again when nominations arise for the city's worst intersections.

Orlando is also the deadliest city in America for pedestrians, according to the nonprofit Transportation for America advocacy group.

Walk Score gives Orlando a walkability score of 47: “Car dependent.”

It doesn't help that the statewide fraud plague infects Orlando as well, driving rates in some ZIP codes well above those of neighboring areas. The same driver would pay hundreds less in Deltona, for example, than in Ocoee. (See how Orlando compares with other Florida cities by clicking around the map below.)

Look to our Florida car insurance page for what you need to know about insuring a car in the Sunshine State.

Why driving in Orlando isn't like driving in Ohio

Two words: Love bugs. Twice a year, this black-winged fly takes to the air in masses so thick they can look like smoke. They live only days, mating and remaining paired as they drift across the roadways, painting the windshields and grilles of cars with a sticky black residue that can damage paint if left unattended. Leather gear and goggles are a must for motorcyclists.

Orlando Car Insurance

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Orlando car insurance requirements

Florida state law requires the following minimum car insurance coverage:
Minimum bodily injury liability $10,000
Minimum property damage liability $10,000
*Bodily injury liability not required by state; many carriers require $10,000/$20,000