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Seattle Car Insurance


Seattle car insurance rates

Seattle car insuranceSeattle is not the friendliest of cities for cars. Large bodies of water lie between you and wherever it is you would like to drive, forcing traffic onto two crowded bridges or north or south around Lake Washington. When you get there, parking is tight, if available at all.

Oh yes, it rains, and all the rain doesn't seem to make Seattle drivers any better at coping with it.

Yet you don't get a break on your car insurance bill for all the aggravation you put up with. Seattle and its sister city Tacoma have Washington's costliest car insurance rates. The same driver in the same car will pay 40 percent more in the rougher parts of Tacoma than in the suburbs of Redmond. (The map below shows how ZIP codes in Seattle and surrounding cities stack up.)

Maybe you are a University Ave hipster looking for just enough coverage to drive legally -- or a Microsoft millionaire trying to protect some meaty stock options. Either way, you will get wildly different car insurance quotes depending on the companies you contact. But hey, that's why they call it shopping.

You'll find more resources and information about state car insurance rates on our Washington car insurance profile page.

Why Seattle car insurance rates are so high

Allstate in 2012 declared Seattle drivers among the most accident-prone in the country.

Aggressive is not the word. But passive-aggressive is. You don't just use your turn signal -- you leave it on all the time. You don't just wait your turn at a four-way stop -- you wait for the next round of cars, too.

Merge onto the freeway at 45 mph, and continue merging until you are in the farthest left lane. In other cities, it is the passing lane. In Seattle, it is the only lane.

And never, ever honk.

Seattle Car Insurance

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Seattle car insurance requirements

Washington state law requires the following minimum car insurance coverage:
Minimum bodily injury liability $25,000/$50,000
Minimum property damage liability $10,000