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How do I check on the status of my auto insurance claim?


Although we strive to give you constant updates on the status of your auto insurance claim by emailing or calling you, you should always feel free to call your claims representative to check on your auto insurance claim.

Our claims handling goal is to process your auto insurance claim quickly and fairly. This means you will normally have an adjuster assigned immediately. The claims adjuster will determine the fastest course of action to get your claim process and paid. In some instances, a claim is processed in a day and in others it takes about 4 days. The faster an insurance company settles a claim, the more money they save. Here is an example of the steps to settle an auto collision claim:

  • Claim is submitted
  • Once an accident or loss happens, report your claim immediately so the claim can be handled quickly
  • When you call, please be prepared to give:
    • The date, time, location and nature of the loss
    • The make, model and year of your car and the nature of the damage
    • Information about anyone who was injured
    • Names and contact information of those involved
    • Your complete contact information, including work, home and cellular numbers to ensure that a claim person can reach you
  • Next an adjuster is assigned
    • A claims adjuster will be assigned to investigate coverage, liability and damages as they pertain to your unique collision
    • Typically once a claims adjuster is assigned, they will attempt to contact you in no later than two business days
  • When you are contacted by the adjuster:
    • You may be asked to provide a recorded or written statement
    • The adjuster may ask you more specific and detailed questions about your collision. Please provide as much information as you can
    • The adjuster will explain the claim process. Each claim is unique, so the process may vary depending upon the nature of your claim
    • Please ask any questions you have.
  • Vehicle Damage Adjusting
    • First an adjuster determines whether your vehicle is repairable or if it is a total loss
    • If the cost to repair your car approaches its actual cash value, it may be considered a total loss. If you feel the vehicle is a total loss, please remove your personal belongings and advise the person taking the loss report.
    • Repairable Vehicles: You should have the choice of where you want your car repaired. You will be asked for the name, address and contact information for the shop that will complete your repairs or you will be given the name of a shop to take your vehicle to for repairs.
      • Drivable vehicles
        • In some instances you will take your car to a Claim Center
        • An adjuster may be assigned to inspect your car at the shop of your choice.
      • Non-drivable vehicles
        • If your vehicle cannot be driven, you can have it towed to the shop of your choice. After an adjuster is assigned, the claims adjuster will tell you the appropriate steps to take.
  • After you receive your vehicle the claim is closed but you may contact your claims adjuster at any time.
  • If it is a total loss, you will receive a check or the check will be mailed to the lien holder.

For more quesstions about your claim, if it is already being processed, contact your claims adjuster. In many states there are guidelines about how long an insurance company can take to settle a claim. To find out about your state laws on the time period a first party or third party claim is allowed to take take (or if they just say in general a reasonable time) ask your agent or contact your state's insurance regulator.


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  1. Anonymous

    because its kind of helpful but i would like to know a amount of days it takes, insurances and adjusters should have a limit to how long they take