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How long does a violation stay on your driving record in California?


In California, most minor traffic offense convictions will remain on your record for three years from the violation date and count as one point. More serious traffic offenses, such as hit and run and reckless driving, will remain on your record for seven years from the violation date and count as two points.

Accidents are reported for three years from the accident date. If you are found to be at fault, the accident normally counts as one point.

Any DUI offense on your record will appear for 10 years from the violation date.

In 2007, California extended the reporting period for DUI offenses from seven to 10 years for all public requestors, including insurance companies. The law allows insurance companies access to the driving record information to properly apply the new provisions of the Insurance Code established under Senate Bill 597 (2005), to determine a customer's eligibility for a good driver discount. Based on these laws, drivers with a DUI violation occurring within the past 10 years are not entitled to receive a good driver discount.

Actions taken against your driving privilege, such as a suspension or revocation due to a DUI or a failure to provide proof of financial responsibility, will be reported for three years from the proof termination date or the reinstatement date, whichever is earlier.

A Failure To Appear for DUI offenses will be reported for 10 years from the violation date. All other Failure To Appears and Failure to Pay fines will be reported for five years from the violation date.  For more information on your California driving record, contact the state's Department of Motor Vehicles directly.

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15 Responses to "How long does a violation stay on your driving record in California?"
  1. Visitor

    How long do hit-and-runs stay on your record in the state of California? Note - no injuries, vehicle was parked. No one inside vehicle.

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you!

  3. Anonymous

    The follow up comment; Currently, a DUI will remain on your record for 7 years UNLESS you have a "Failure To Appear". Then it will stay on your California driving record for 10 years. Is inacurate. A DUI as of 1/1/2007 when the new law was enacted will count for 10 years on your driving record.

  4. Anonymous

    Does a dui that has been expunged stay on your driving record

  5. Anonymous

    its great

  6. Anonymous

    it has specific answer for my question please is there anything I can do to erased a point?

  7. Anonymous


  8. Anonymous

    My DUI was removed from my DMV printout 3 years after the date of commission, not 7, and not 10! It obviously stays on the books for 10 years, but the printout removes it 3 years from the date you committed the "crime." All of your other obligations are complete (fines, school, jail, informal probation, whatever), and you can get a court printout that "clears" you of any further entanglement. Basically, it says you are cleared of all obligations. Thats why your DMV printout can no longer show the DUI either. Of course, its lurking in the backgroung in case another one comes along, but it doesnt show on the printout, and thats the main thing.

  9. Anonymous

    it never falls off

  10. Anonymous

    This information is very helpfull to understant de Insurance bussiness

  11. Anonymous

    I am from Kansas. I recieved a DUI in 05... Never convicted because did Diversion. My driver record shows diversion for DUI and failed chemical test. Am moving to California, how will this transfer and how will this effect my employment.

  12. Anonymous

    The question is valid. I had a dui back in 1980 and in 1999 I applied for a job as a substitute and was denied because I had a DUI on my record from 19 years prior. Go figure...

  13. Anonymous

    I understand that unless expunged, that a dui will remain on your record for life.

  14. Anonymous

    The answer to the visitors comment asking about 7 or 3 after DUI violation fine was paid and classes done with... the answer is seven years.

  15. Anonymous

    Because you contradict. Does a DUI that is PAID OFF and have attended ALL classes and completed them appear on record for 7 or 3??? Can you please answer this!