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Does liability insurance cover theft of your car?


No, Liability insurance coverage will not cover the theft of your vehicle because it is there to protect against claims alleging that one's negligence or inappropriate action resulted in Bodily Injury or Property Damage.

Liability insurance helps protect you from covered damage your car does to others, damage for which you are legally liable and without Liability insurance would have to pay out of pocket for damages you cause.

Liability coverage is essential to an auto insurance policy. Most all states require certain levels of minimum Liability insurance because this is the coverage that pays for damage you do to others when you are found liable in an accident. If you want to protect your own vehicle then you would need physical damage coverages of Collision and Comprehensive.

To have your auto insurance cover your vehicle being stolen it would need to be covered under Comprehensive Coverage, also known as Other Than Collision or OTC.

You can learn more about coverage definitions on our insurance definition page. Then get started with free auto insurance quotes at CarInsurance.com.


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