If your insurance card and registration were stolen one of the first things to do is make a police report. This report should prove the date, time and location of the theft or loss in case someone does try to use these or any other documents of yours that may have been stolen.

It is advisable before placing your insurance card in your car to make a copy of your insurance card, both sides, and keep it in a safe place at home. If your insurance card is stolen or lost you report to your insurance agent what happened and request a new insurance card.

Key Highlights
  • Making a police report is one of the first things to do if your insurance card and registration have been taken. 
  • You must notify your insurance agent and ask for a new insurance card if your insurance card is stolen or lost. 
  • If your registration is stolen, you must notify the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in your state and request a new document. 
  • State regulations differ about how to report and obtain new registration paperwork. 
  • While in other jurisdictions, like California, you only need to apply for a duplicate registration after reporting the theft of your registration card with the CA DMV.

As for your registration being stolen, you will need to inform your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) about the theft and get a replacement document. If the registration that was stolen was the sticker on the plate or the license plate itself than you will need to see how long it will take to get a replacement and if there is a temporary tag, registration, etc that you can put on your car so that you will not have trouble with law enforcement.

State guidelines vary for how to report and get replacement registration documents. For instance in New York State you must go to a police station and have the police complete form MV-78B (Report of Lost or Stolen Motor Vehicle Items). This form is available only from NYS police, not from the DMV. If the police report indicates that the items were lost in a crime, there is no fee to replace the items. You then bring this form a DMV office and follow the instructions that the DMV lists online.

While in other states such as California you just need to apply with the CA DMV for duplicate registration after you report your registration card as being stolen. So it is important to contact your local DMV and find out what you must do to get your stolen registration replaced and have it noted in the system that you requested a duplicate due to a theft.

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