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Definition of "point of impact" and affects on insurance rates

Question: What does a point of impact mean, and how does this affect insurance rates?

Answer: The point of impact is the location on a vehicle or vehicles where there was a collision. For example, if your car's front bumper hit a pole, the point of impact would be the place on the front bumper that had connected with the pole.

If you hit another vehicle, there would be a point of impact on each vehicle where they hit and damage was sustained. If the cars hit more than once then the area of the first initial contact is normally referred to as the point of impact.

The point of impact doesn't normally affect rates exactly but the point of impact can help an insurance claims adjuster determine fault. For instance, if the point of impact from a collision is your front bumper and the rear bumper of another automobile that was driving in front of you, it usually if proof that you rear ended the other car.

So it is not the point of impact that affects auto insurance rates but it is the actual accident and resulting claims that could affect auto insurance rates. You may see an increase in your liability insurance rate if you are at-fault for multiple accidents in a short period of time.


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