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Does a hail damage claim increase an insurance premium?


A claim for hail damage, which would be placed under your comprehensive portion of your policy, may or may not increase your auto insurance rates. There are many factors involved in the rating system such as state laws and regulations and internal insurance company guidelines.

Some states do not allow for rates to be raised due to not at fault incidents, like a hail damage claim, while others states do allow it and then it would be up to your own individual insurance carrier's rating system to determine if your premiums would rise due to this claim.

Also it may depend upon if this is your first car insurance claim or you have an extensive claims history. If you have made quite a few claims with your insurance provider then a new claim for hail damage may allow for the insurance company to raise your rates.

If you have had hail damage your vehicle and are trying to determine if you should make a claim or not for the repairs we would advise discussing the issue with your insurance agent and getting details on your insurance carrier's rating system with regards to this type of claim.

To find out if any state laws would help determine if rates can be affect by such a claim try contacting the consumer division of your state's insurance regulatory body.

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