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Does a comprehensive claim increase your premium?

How state laws affect comprehensive insurance claims

A comprehensive claim may cause your car insurance premium to increase. It will depend upon state laws.  If laws don't specifically note whether your rates can rise due to a comprehensive claim on your auto insurance, then it will be up to the guidelines and rating system of your insurance provider.

Some states do not allow for rates to be raised due to not at-fault incidents, like a hail damage claim, while others states do allow it and leave it up your own individual insurance carrier's rating system to determine if your premiums would go up due to this type of claim. Many carriers now offer accident forgiveness, where the first claim and/or minor claims (like a comprehensive claim) don't affect rates.

For example, surcharges are specifically not permitted in New York for certain items -- including claims made under your comprehensive coverage. Your state's insurance regulator can tell you what your state's insurance laws are regarding making a comprehensive claim and if an insurance company can surcharge or raise your rates for this type of claim.

Comprehensive claims may increase your premium

All that being said, typically when you have a comprehensive claim, your insurance carrier recognizes that it is due to something that is not your fault, and you had no control over, (i.e. theft, vandalism, hail damage, etc.) and doesn't raise rates. Since insurance carriers guidelines do vary, contact your agent to find out from your specific company if your rates will rise, and if so by how much, if you file a comprehensive claim.

Many companies have different definitions for their Accident Free Discounts (AFD).  Some companies won’t charge for a comprehensive claim, while others charge if the claim is over a threshold (typically $400 to $1,500).  In addition to the AFD, companies are now offering an accident forgiveness benefits that aren't necessarily a discount. Most companies that offer this won't raise auto insurance rates following the first at-fault automobile accident or comprehensive claim.

Typically, if you make one comprehensive claim it won't cause your rates to go up but if you end up making multiple claims against your car insurance policy in a short period of time, then your claims activity will cause an overall rate increase at your next renewal.

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