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Does home or auto insurance cover car accident with your own garage?


Question:  My wife had an accident with our garage. Which insurance policy should cover this, home or auto?

Answer:  Both policies will have to be used to get all of the damages repaired by your insurers. For the damage to your vehicle, you will need to make a claim under your car insurance policy, and damage to the garage would be under your homeowner’s policy.

Your wife collided with the garage while operating her car, so the damages to her car would be a collision claim. The deductible associated with your collision coverage will be due.

The garage is not covered under your car insurance policy, because your property damage liability coverage doesn’t cover damages you cause to your own property, only to the property of others.  So, if your wife crashed into a neighbor's garage instead of her own, that would have been an auto insurance claim through your property damage liability coverage.

Any damage to the garage would need to be a claim through your homeowner’s policy since it covers damage to your dwelling. Likely, there will be a deductible if you make such a claim; it will depend upon the terms of your homeowner’s policy.

If the damage to your car and garage isn’t extensive, you may want to pay out-of-pocket for the repairs so that the claims do not raise your rates of both policies.

Before making the claims, you can first get an estimate for each of the damages to make certain they are more than your deductible amount that would be due.

If the damages are less than the deductible then you will be responsible for the damages anyway, so no need to make any insurance claims. If the repair costs are more than your deductible amounts, then it is your call if you make a claim for the car and garage or pay personally for the repairs one or both.

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