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Tell insurer about your divorce

If you and your spouse have divorced, you need to inform your car insurance company. Changes in address and in drivers could affect your future rates, and you may lose some discounts. Read more >>
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Save Money

Save by dropping extra coverages

If your vehicle isn’t worth much, it may be time to drop certain car insurance coverages to save money toward a replacement vehicle.  Physical damage coverage of collision and comprehensive are a couple of coverages to drop. Read more >>

Do renters pay more for car insurance?

Renters may pay more than homeowners for car insurance, but it's not due to a surcharge.  Homeowners get discounts for owning a home and bundling home and car policies. Renters can search out other discounts to lower rates and save money. Read more >>

Reducing rates for teen driver

There are several ways in which to reduce the rates of a teenage driver. Enrolling  in a driving school is one possible way. Find out about insurers that a discount if a young driver participates in a special driver safety program. Read more >>
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Insurance Companies

Insuring another’s car to lower rates is fraud

Insuring another person's car so that he or she can obtain lower car insurance rates isn't just a bad idea but can be considered insurance fraud.  Misrepresenting who owns or drives a car can get your policy cancelled and you penalized for committing insurance fraud. Read more >>
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Your Car

Safety features discounts

The safety features of your vehicle may get you discounts on your car insurance coverage premiums.  This makes it important to list the correct model vehicle when shopping for a policy. Read more >>
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State Car Insurance

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Your License

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Your Policy

Need a rental after making a claim?

Transportation expenses and rental reimbursement are both optional coverages that may be offered to drivers who want coverage for rental car costs when the insured vehicle is not able to be driven due to a covered loss. Read more >>
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Insurance Claims

Covered if I drive in a snow emergency?

Driving after your state has declared a state of emergency or ordered driving restrictions should not affect your car insurance coverages unless you’re specifically driving against a policy exclusions or restriction. Read more >>
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How do I change my address online?

To change your address with us online you will need to log onto your account. Once you log into your account, depending on your insurance company and their ability to help you change your... Read more >>

Can I get insured online today?

Yes you can. CarInsurance.com a licensed independent insurance agency that represents leading insurance companies. Our online car insurance quote takes a few minutes and then we provide rates... Read more >>
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