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What is a tort state?

Tort by definition is an injury to another person or to property which is compensable under law. The damage or injury can be done willfully, negligently or in other circumstances involving... Read more >>
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Insurance Companies

Why you shouldn't insure someone else's car

Insuring another person's car so that he or she can obtain lower car insurance rates isn't just a bad idea but can be considered insurance fraud.  Misrepresenting who owns or drives a car can get your policy cancelled and you penalized for committing insurance fraud. Read more >>
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Your Car

Safety features discounts

The safety features of your vehicle may get you discounts on your car insurance coverage premiums.  This makes it important to list the correct model vehicle when shopping for a policy. Read more >>
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State Car Insurance

No pay, no play states

Some states have a no pay, no play law in place.  We explain how this type of law limits the recovery of certain losses for uninsured motorists. Read more >>
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Insurance Claims

Covered if I drive in a snow emergency?

Driving after your state has declared a state of emergency or ordered driving restrictions should not affect your car insurance coverages unless you’re specifically driving against a policy exclusions or restriction. Read more >>
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