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Houston car insuranceHouston ranks among the 10 worst cities in the country for congestion, according to the Texas Transportation Institute, with roads clogged nearly six hours a day. But even when the highways are moving, Houston still holds surprises for the unwary driver.

In this steamy and sprawling Texas city, it's always orange-barrel season: The metro area's 783 miles of freeway cross 10 counties as they ring the downtown core. Within the central city, a relatively new light rail system promises to one day ease traffic. In the meantime, it provides a new obstruction for drivers to hit.

You'll find the most expensive car insurance rates in Texas on the northern edge of Houston, a full 50 percent higher than the cheapest areas in Wichita Falls for the same driver in the same car. (See how Houston compares with other Texas cities by clicking around the map below.)

But even if you live in one of the high-cost ZIP codes, you can save a lot of money by simple comparison shopping. No two car insurance companies will offer you the same rate, and the difference between them can be hundreds of dollars a year.

Our Texas car insurance profile page lays out the details that Texas drivers need to know.

Why Houston pays a lot for car insurance

Houston lays claim to two of the worst bottlenecks in the country.

The innermost highway loop around Houston is Interstate 610, which operates in near-perpetual gridlock. The American Highway Users Alliance singles out its intersections with U.S. 59 and Interstate 10 as among the most jammed in the country.

Perhaps it's no surprise, then, that the Texas Department of Transportation notes the 610 Loop as a road-rage hot spot as well.

Houston Car Insurance

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Houston car insurance requirements

Texas state law requires the following minimum car insurance coverage:
Minimum bodily injury liability $30,000/$60,000
Minimum property damage liability $25,000