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If someone else drives my car and gets a ticket will this affect my insurance rates?

If someone drives your car and gets a ticket the charge will go against their driving record not yours. Your insurance company will look at the driving record of the people you insure on your insurance policy. If this person is not on your insurance policy than your rates would not be affected. If you do insure this person on your insurance policy than your rates could be affected the next time your insurance provider pulls the motor vehicle records (MVR) of those listed as drivers on your vehicle and sees this moving violation.

So if say your son is the one driving and he is listed on your policy as a driver and he gets a ticket in your vehicle then it may affect your insurance premiums at renewal time when the violation is seen on his driving record by your insurer. If instead you let a friend borrow your car for a trip to the store and on the way home is ticketed for speeding than since this person is not on your policy and just had been loaned the car for that trip your insurer would not be checking their driving record so that ticket would not affect your rates.

If however a friend drives your car and is in an accident than it would be your insurance that would be primary, as the car owner, and the claims against your policy from that incident may increase your insurance rates. Before allowing anyone that is not listed as a driver on your policy to operate your vehicle it is advised that you read through your policy and check with your insurance agent to make certain that person will be covered by your policy if they are in an accident. Some policies have exclusions, such as for those under a certain age, so you want to make sure anyone that drives your car is covered properly before you turn your keys over to them.

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