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Is there driver-only insurance that covers a driver but not a car?


If you do not own a vehicle there is an auto insurance policy that a motorist can get to drive other people's vehicles. This is called a non-owner car insurance policy. It is normally written when a person needs coverage for his or her personal operation of a vehicle not owned by him or a family member. An operator policy or non-owners policy is insurance where the driver is the only one covered, but not the car.

To buy a non-owner insurance policy through CarInsurance.com, call 844-252-4551.

If you, or someone in your household, own a vehicle then the car would need to be on the insurance policy since the type of car you are driving is part of the rating process of an insurance company. The automobile itself, including what type of vehicle it is, its safety features, etc can make a different in your insurance premiums.

Non-owner insurance is coverage to give a motorist liability protection for when they are at fault in an accident but do not own a vehicle. Non-owner's policies can typically include liability, medical payments, and uninsured motorist coverage.

Non-owner's policies generally do not include comprehensive, collision, towing reimbursement, or rental reimbursement coverage. A non-owner's policy of a driver would normally be secondary to the insurance put on the vehicle by the owner.

If you do not own a car nor is there a vehicle owned by anyone in your household and want to get a non-owners policy, you first will need to find an auto insurance carrier that offers this type of policy. Then you will need to meet the underwriting criteria of that insurance provider.

Since insurance companies' guidelines and underwriting criteria can differ, you will need to find out what the qualifications are for obtaining a non-owners policy from the insurer that offers you this type of coverage. Usually the criteria would at least include not owning a vehicle and having a valid driver's license.

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