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What is a named operator policy?


Question: How do I apply for a named-operator policy?

Answer: A named-operator policy is often also called a non-owner policy. It is for a driver who needs coverage only for his personal operation of a vehicle not owned by him or a family member. Currently the best way to obtain a non-owners policy is by contacting our call center toll-free at 1-855-430-7753. Our agents will help you obtain a quote for the coverage you need. To learn more about non-owner, visit our non-owner car insurance page.

Another reason to get this type of policy is if you are in need of a required liability policy to get an SR-22 filed with the state, but you don't own a vehicle. For more on this, read our SR-22 page.

If you need this type of liability insurance, it only covers the named insured while driving vehicles. In most states, a non-owner policy contains bodily injury liability and property damage liability. Depending on the type of coverage you choose for your policy, the policy will cover you up to the limits you choose.

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2 Responses to "What is a named operator policy?"
  1. Visitor

    It doesn't say a typical price range for named operator coverage!

  2. Anonymous

    "Named Operator" insurance covers driver only, in types of vehicles applied for, owned or not. Ive had this coverage several times in the past and the biggest hassel is to find an agent that will sell it, they always want to sell you something that makes them more money.

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