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How old do you have to be to legally buy a car in the state of Florida?


We were unable to find an age restriction concerning purchasing a motor vehicle in the state of Florida. If you are a minor and want to buy a car in FL, check with their Department of Highway and Motor Vehicle Safety (HSMV) to make certain there is not a minimum age to buy and register a vehicle.

Even if the state does not have a statute regarding how old one must be to purchase a car, dealerships might have their own guidelines and will likely also require you to have a driver's license in order to buy a car.

Keep in mind that if you are under 18 any dealership or insurance company will normally require a parent or guardian to sign with you on any purchase agreement or contract. Also if you are a minor a parent or legal guardian may have to co-own the vehicle until you turn 18-years-old since in general minors are not allowed to enter a legally binding contract on their own.

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  2. Anonymous

    Because I am 15 goin on 16 and i think even though u have 2 be 18 that minors should be aloud 2 own a car!!!